ergoPouch ergoCocoon AIR

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ergoCocoon AIR Baby Wrap Super Light Summer Baby Swaddle

ergoPouch have done it again – the world's thinnest swaddle! This is an amazing swaddle and an amazing first. It is made from super soft bamboo and has an opening at the bottom for easy nappy changes.

Wrapping is a useful method to help babies settle and sleep on their back. Scientific studies have shown that wrapping can have a calming, sleep-promoting effect on young babies. Studies have shown that wrapping can promote more sustained sleep and reduce the frequency of spontaneous awakenings. Some studies have shown that wrapping in infants sleeping on their back is associated with reduced Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risk.

ergoCocoon AIR 夏日超薄嬰兒包巾 襁褓




Benefits :

• Controls the startle reflex which helps baby sleep longer without overheating in hot weather.
• Baby stays wrapped all night long.
• Pure design, no zip, no velcro.
• Only 1 fine layer of almost see through stretch bamboo fabric.
• Highly breathable, antibacterial and perfect for the summer heat.
• Even has 50+ UPF protection.
• Easy nappy and seat belt access – just lift up.
• Great for babies with eczema, prevents scratching.
• Grown with no chemicals or pesticides / eco friendly.


When selecting the size I would work on weight rather than age. I would consider 0 – 3 months as newborn and all sizing is based on the Australian “average”. If your baby is likely to be bigger than average I would consider going up a size. If the swaddle is too big it will lose its effect and you will be disappointed with the result.


• 控制驚跳反射,有助寶寶在炎熱夏天睡覺時不會過熱。
• 長夜漫漫,寶寶完全被包裹着酣睡。
• 設計簡單,沒有拉鍊和魔術貼。
• 只有一層薄薄的丶近乎透明丶具彈性的竹纖維。
• 高透氣丶抗菌和完全適用於炎熱的夏天。
• 50+ UPF的保護
• 只需掀起開口,方便更換尿布和扣上安全帶。
• 全面保護患有濕疹的寶寶,防止抓傷。
• 在沒有化學品或農藥/生態友的環境長大。


可按寶寶的體重而不是年齡來選擇襁褓的尺碼。0 – 3個月的寶寶界定為初生嬰兒,所有尺碼是根據澳洲寶寶的“平均” 尺碼而訂。如果你的寶寶體重大過平均尺碼,你可選擇較大的尺碼。如果選購過大的襁褓,它原有的效果會消失,未能達到你的預期效果。

• 0 – 3 Months
Length of swaddle – 60cm
Newborn 3 to 6 kgs

• 6 – 12 Months
Length of swaddle – 80cm
8 – 14 kgs

Additional information

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AirCocoon Print

Navy, Coral, White

Swaddle Size

0-3 Months, 6-12 Months


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