ergoPouch ergoCocoon 0.2 TOG Zip Up Baby Swaddle

$ 265.00

ergoCocoon by ergoPouch 0.2 TOG Zip Up Baby Swaddle or Sleepbag

The ergoCocoon by ergoPouch is an easy option for swaddling a baby. Your baby will feel secure and snug with stretch organic cotton. It allows your baby to move their hands into a comfortable position that suits them without waking up.
ergoPouch has just won the Best Overall Product category at the My Child Magazine Excellence Awards 2012 for the ErgoPouch ErgoCocoon Baby Swaddle!!

Thousands of parents from across Australia have voted for their favourite children’s products and retailers for the 2012 My Child Excellence Awards.
Announced at the Baby & Kids National Buyers Show in Melbourne on May 9 2012, the annual awards celebrate the best in baby and children’s products across the categories of eco-friendly, baby, feeding, travel, care, mum accessory, pram, baby toy, children’s toy, furniture, maternity fashion, baby fashion and children’s fashion.

ergoCocoon by ergoPouch 0.2 TOG 雙向式拉鍊混合設計 (包被 襁褓 / 睡袋)

ergoPouch的ergoPouch ergoCocoon Baby Swaddle剛獲得 My Child Magazine Excellence Awards 2012 最佳整體產品大獎!

澳洲各地數以千計的父母及零售商為2012 My Child Excellence Awards喜愛的兒童產品投票。
2012年5月9日,在墨爾本舉行的 Baby & Kids National Buyers Show 中宣布,年度頒獎慶賀兒童產品的環保丶嬰兒食具丶旅遊丶保健丶媽媽配件丶嬰兒車丶嬰兒玩具丶兒童玩具丶家具丶孕婦時裝丶嬰兒服裝和兒童服裝類別中最佳的嬰兒及兒童產品。



• Organic Cotton with a hint of spandex to help keep its nice stretchy shape.
• Two way zip which allows easy nappy changes and transferring to a car seat.
• Extra long zip. Making it the easiest baby wrap on the market to get baby in and out of.
• Your baby will be swaddled, but will still have some movement.
• Arm poppers for an easy transition into a sleeping bag when your baby is ready or use as a summer sleeping bag.
• Anyone can do it. Leaving your baby with a carer (or Dad) doesn’t change the way they’re wrapped.


• 有機棉混合彈性人造纖維,以保持很好彈性。
• 雙向拉鍊,方便更換尿布及轉移到汽車座椅。
• 超長拉鍊,是市場上可供選擇丶最方便使用的襁褓。
• 寶寶被包裹着,仍可活動自如。
• 當寶寶已準備好,只須簡單將扣鈕扣上,便成為一個睡袋,或作為夏天睡袋使用。
• 任何人也可以做到。將已包裹著的寶寶交托保母(或爸爸)亦不會搞亂襁褓。

Sizing & available Color

0 – 3 Months
• Length of swaddle – 60cm
• Newborn 3kgs to 7 kgs
• Natural (White) and Grey

2 – 6 Months
• Length of swaddle – 70cm
• 5 – 8 kgs
• Natural (White) Only

• Natural and grey

Additional information

Swaddle Size

2-6 Months




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