ErgoPouch Bamboo Sheeting 0.3 Tog Baby Sleeping Bag

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ergoPouch Sleeping Bag. Bamboo & Organic Cotton Mix. 0.3 TOG / Mild Weight.

Developed with stretch inserts in top and side panels to allow babies to move freely and sleep in comfort. Double ended zipper for easy nappy access. Sleeping with natural fibres creates an optimum temperature balance and promotes a healthy sleeping environment.

ergoPouch Sleeping Bag. 有機竹纖維睡袋. 0.3 TOG / 保暖系列.


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• Stays 2-3 degrees cooler in hot weather & warmer in cold
• 400 Thread Count – Naturally supersoft
• 100% Natural – including filling – bamboo fleece
• Hypo-allergenic / Anti-bacterial / Anti-fungal / Anti-static
• Great for sensitive skin


• 12 – 36 Months. 105cm from shoulder to feet.

About ergoPouch

Your baby will spend most of their life in bed, they deserve the best in ultimate comfort, warmth and safety. With our innovative range of organic baby sleeping bags, bamboo pyjamas and easy to use swaddles, we are proud to provide high quality garments made from natural fibres to help babies sleep better.

Optimal Temperature Balance

Sleeping with natural fibres, such as alpaca, bamboo and organic cotton, has long been known to give a better night’s sleep, and now we know why.

Natural fibres disperse moisture from the skin, providing an even warmth and body temperature. Studies have consistently confirmed that sleeping comfort is highly dependent upon the body achieving its own unique optimal temperature balance for a restful and revitalising nights sleep. If during the natural sleeping cycle, the body is too warm or too cold, the human body will either consciously or subconsciously adjust its position in bed, thereby causing a disruption to the natural sleep cycle. ErgoPouch products are all highly breathable, keeping babies warm yet allowing them to keep a consistent body temperature and not overheat.



• 冬暖夏涼,有效調節溫度 2-3 度
• 400 針織 – 天然超柔軟
• 100%純天然 – 充滿有機棉混合竹纖維
• 低過敏 / 抗菌 / 抗真菌 / 防靜電
• 非常適合敏感皮膚


• 2 – 12 個月. 80厘米從肩到腳。

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天然纖維能從皮膚面層有效地把水氣散發,有效調節體溫和提供更佳溫暖感。持續的研究證實,睡眠的舒適度是高度依賴於身體對最佳的溫度平衡而作出的不同反應。如果在自然睡眠週期中,身體溫度太熱或太冷,人的身體會自覺或不自覺地調整它的睡眠姿態,而導致影響自然睡眠週期。 ergoPouch產品都是高透氣度,保持寶寶溫暖外,還讓寶寶保持一致穩定的體溫,而不會受過熱而影響。


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