Buboose Air (Pale Green) 嬰幼兒輕便揹帶 (碧綠)

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Slingthings Buboose Air (Pale Green)

Inspired by the element of “AIR”
A beautiful cool and pastel print that is light and airy in MINT Green

The Sling Things Buboose Sling will take the hassle and panic out of using a baby sling. Have you found those traditional Slings really hard to use? Scared that your baby isn’t sitting right or not supported? With the Sling Things Buboose Sling you can relax, knowing that baby will sit comfortably and be supported also allowing you to have your hands free when needed. And it only takes a minute.

1. It is very easy to use (slips on like a t-shirt)
2. It is very comfortable
3. It is very compact
4. It has a focus on fashion (available in 5 great designs)
5. It is very reasonably priced
6. It has a long lifespan (designed to carry 5-15kg)
7. It is cool a option for baby wearing in warmer climates

舒玲嬰幼兒輕便揹帶 (碧綠)


1. 簡易使用 (如穿T恤般)
2. 舒適
3. 方便攜帶
4. 設計時尚
5. 合理價格
6. 耐用 (適合5-15kg)
7. 精簡設計,特別適合炎夏使用

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Size guide: The recommended use is from 5 to 15 kgs (3 months to 2 years approximately). Baby through to early toddler.

Material: 80% cotton & 20% Rayon for a premium blend of Strength and Softness

– Its so easy to use. No buckles, clips or wrapping.
– It folds up so small and fits in my handbag, bottom of the pram or glove box!
– I’m a hippy at heart so the range of prints are dreamy but if you’re not into prints they have a plain black.
– Because its only crossed over babies back it means its perfect for summers.
– It meets the TICKS baby wearing safety requirements.
– Their spine is curved and their legs are in the ergonomic M shape which helps with hip development.

尺碼:初生嬰幼兒 5至15公斤(約3個月至2年)


– 容易使用。無扣,亦無需複雜使用程序
– 能折疊起來,細小且適合放入手袋中,嬰兒車
– 設計時尚,圖紋精緻,亦配備純黑色以供選擇
– 簡單易用為主,在炎炎夏日也能達至通風的效果
– 它符合TICKS 的安全要求
– 脊柱微微彎曲的,並且讓嬰兒的腿逹至M形人體工程學,有助於臀部關節發展成長


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