Company Profile

Pure Nature is a dynamic new company founded by a group of enthusiasts who wants to broadcast the natural organic produces from Australia into Asia. We believe that Australia is a country that is clean, unpolluted, and full natural resources. Its organic products are amongst the best in the world. We are actively involved in promoting organic and sustainable products to parents and their children.

Based in Sydney NSW the company is a distributor of high quality, innovative products which are sourced from certified organic or natural extracts manufacturers. These products are sold predominantly through a network of specialist resellers across the South East Asia as well as through an on-line store operated for customers around the world.

The Pure Nature operating philosophy is to find quality organic products for parents and their children, make them available in South East China to specialist resellers and the public, and to provide unparalleled service both before and after the sale. Its broader aim is to bring attention to the importance of sustainable products and to make it progressively easier for people in China to make informed choices.

Since 2015, we have been appointed to be the sole distributor for Hanababy in Hong Kong. Hanababy are an British owned company who design and manufacture award winning baby swaddles, and sling. All Hanababy are made from natural fibres, including Organic Cotton, and Bamboo.



天源澳洲健康食品有限公司、由一群對有機食品充滿熱誠的愛好者所成立、目的是希望藉此將天然有機概念從澳大利亞播放到亞洲各地。我們深信,澳大利亞是一個既乾淨無污染,還擁有充沛天然資源的國家。 在這片土地上所孕育出各式各樣有機產物可稱上世界頂級的。我們一直積極參與推廣有機食品及產物,為父母和子女帶來源源不絕的優質健康選擇。


天源的經營理念是不斷透過尋找優質有機產品、 通過遍佈東南亞各專業經銷商,讓每一位父母和子女更容易得到所需要及各式各樣的優質有機產物,並同時提供無與倫比的售前以及售後服務。其更廣泛目標、是希望人們藉此更關注可持續性產品的重要性,並使其逐步在中國更容易為人所接受、令他們能作出更明智的健康生活選擇。

自從2015年,我們已獲委任為Hanababy的香港獨家總代理。  Hanababy是一家由英國獨資的企業,專門設計和製造屢獲殊榮的嬰兒睡袋和揹帶。所有Hanababy產品都是由天然纖維所製造,如有機棉和竹纖維。